Security at Every Stop

Every student deserves a safe and secure environment, especially when they’re on their way to school.

Live streaming and video history

We provide school systems with live streaming and video surveillance, which promotes driver performance and keeps kids safe.

GPS tracking

We get it: when your student isn’t home, you worry about them. Our GPS tracking system provides instant vehicle pinpointing to give you peace of mind at all times.


To ensure the longevity and safety of our vehicles, we have an excellent maintenance program for all our buses and vans. We employ a shop manager and a handful of mechanics who oversee the operation and security of our vehicles.

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Bullying Prevention

Coherent Bus Company trains all its drivers to address bullying as soon as it starts. Students who threaten another student’s right to travel without being bullied will lose their transportation privileges.

How to handle bullying

If your student is experiencing bullying on one of our buses, we want to know about it right away so we can take the appropriate action steps to address it. Please reach out to us at 612-757-7919 and notify your child’s bus driver. Tell your student to sit close to their bus driver in the meantime so he or she can keep an eye on any bullying that might be happening on the bus.

Coherent Bus Company bus

Bullying Resources


Who to Call

Kids Against Bullying
PACER National Bullying Prevention Center

Student Action Plan Against Bullying
PACER National Bullying Prevention Center

The BULLY Project Badges
The BULLY Project


Tips for Parents to Deal with Bullying
Violence Prevention Works

Signs Your Child is Being Bullied
Stomp Out Bullying

Common Views and Myths About Bullying
PACER National Bullying Prevention Center

Parent Action Toolkit
The BULLY Project

Bullying Prevention Bill of Rights
Stomp Out Bullying

Childhood Bullying Due to Wearing Glasses
NVISION Eye Centers


BAM! Body and Mind Curriculum
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Second Step Bullying Prevention Unit
Committee for Children

Classroom Resources
Teaching Tolerance

6 Essential Rs to Reduce School-Wide Bullying

How to Tell An Adult Poster
PACER National Bullying Prevention Center

Become an UpSTANDer to Bullying