Transportation Done Right

As a leading provider of student transportation services for the Twin Cities area, we are committed to providing the highest level of satisfaction to our clients. Our professional staff will work hard to ensure your child will arrive safely and on-time to home and school.

Transportation You Can Trust

At Coherent Bus Company, we strive to be the best in the industry for clients and for students by providing safe, reliable and punctual service. It is our priority to employ people who are courteous, honest and ethical. By providing efficient and effective service, it is our intent to improve the quality of life for those who we serve. 

Service with Satisfation

We stand firmly on our commitment to get you to your destination safely and reliably. We don't just provide a ride, we take pride in your experience and settle for nothing less than complete satisfaction. 

General Student Transportation

General transportation for students who are not in need of special assistance or additional accommodations. 

Special Needs Transportation

 Transportation services for students with disabilities or those who are in need of special accomodations. 

With advancements in technology, the role of school buses has become more and more comprehensive, from merely transporting children to security incorporated vehicles. 

Video and Photo

Real-time video surveillance of both the interior and exterior of the vehicle are in place to enhance the safety measures and protect drivers and students while in transit.

GPS Tracking

Our vehicles are equipped with location-based GPS tracking for an added security measure to give you peace of mind. 

Our Happy Customers

Such a nice company! Always on time to pick up and drop off students. Such an amazing place to work at.

Marwa Mohamed

Travel with Technology

Safe & Reliable. 

Every Ride.