Happy Bus Driver

Drivers with Integrity.

Professionals at Work

Children's safety begins with qualified drivers. We take pride in our ability to attract and retain the best drivers and have one of the most comprehensive driver screening processes in the transit industry.

Annual Criminal Background Checks

We always perform annual criminal background checks.

Annual Driver Records

Provided by the Minnesota Department of Transportation

Random Drug Tests

We always perform random drug tests on our employees.

Behind the Wheel Evaluation

We perform behind the wheel evaluations on all of our drivers.

Type III School Bus Training

We provide type III school bus training for all of our drivers.

Annual Drivers License Status Verification

We verify our driver's license status yearly.

School Bus Driver Evaluator Certification

We provide school bus driver evaluation certificates to all our drivers who pass their training.

Pre-Trip Evaluation

We perform pre-trip evaluations on our drivers before they begin working.

First Aid Training

Our employees are all trained to deliver First Aid services.

Passenger Assistance

We always provide passenger assistance to our clients.

Maltreatment Awareness

We conduct maltreatment awareness training for our staff.

Trainings & Tests

Our Fleetcam solution provides school systems with a very reliable, robust and comprehensive student & driver management all-in-one fleet vehicle camera system that helps improve driving habits with in-cab notifications and integrated driver behavior and coaching.